Royal Air Force Barkston Heath

Airborne Forces Educational Monument


Design-Phoenix is very proud to have been asked by the Army Air Corps at Barkston Heath to help produce an educational monument .

The Airborne Forces Educational Monument, has been sited at Royal Air Force Barkston Heath which today is part of No 3 FTS a RAF station that is the home to the Army and Navy  where it carries out its elementry flight training of future pilots.

70 years ago Barkston was home to the 9th Air Force who along with other surrounding 9th and Royal Air Force stations. trained then delivered and recovered the wounded form the Airborne battle fields of Europe.

On the night of the 5th of June 1944 at precisely 23:52 the first of 72 aircraft part of the "Neptune Boston" formation left Barkston Heath with the 82nd "All American" and the 101st "Screaming Eagles" Airborne Parachute units on board, bound for Normandy and the liberation of Europe.

On the Night of the 17th September 1944 aircraft of the 9th again delivered, this time the troops of the British 1st Airborne Divison their destination a small town in Holland better know now as Arnhem.

Barkston Heath has been chosen for the location of the monument as it is the only operational surviving wartime Airborne station still in service. Lincolnshire was chosen as it is not widely know of the huge contribution that the people and landscape of our County, made in support of our Airborne Forces during 1944.

the STONE WORK has been selected from a small quarry owned by JSE systems where 70 years ago they were working the linconshire quarry at the foot of Barkston's main runway as the airborne armada left  the stone is being cut and shaped at Stanford in Lincolnshire.

The monument has been designed in Lincolnshire, from Lincolnshire material and worked by Lincolnshire Companies. the only exception are the plaques around the five sides these are being sourced from Cheshire where the 1st Airborne were trained to jump.

these two prints are now available at £15 + p&p each or £20 for the set, all monies ex postage going to the Monument. Each print has been counter signed by the Aircrew of the BBMF Dakota and carries a full description of the airmen and the operation. please go to the art profile section to purchase the prints