During 2016 Number 45 Squadron of the Royal Air Force are commemorating their centenary.

We were asked to design and produce a commemorative paint scheme to be adopted by two of the GT200 KingAir aircraft

that operate out of Royal Air Force College Cranwell.

The design was submitted to RAF Command for approval and the design applied by Serco Defence.

The design was both to celebrate the 100 years of the Squadron and to commemorate the Battle of the Somme

At the lead of the Aircraft was 3 Aircraft 2 Sopwith Camels and a one and a half strutter. The Squadrons first aircraft were the Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutters, they were wiped out in the first month and replaced by the Sopwith Camel, The 3 aircraft or Vic formation are in recognition of Major Smith-Barry the author of the combat book of flying and the founder of the first military training syllabus. which is still utilised today in the CFS syllabus. the aircraft are cascading poppies 32 in total the number of aces in 45 Squadron by the end of hostilities in 1918, they are blowing over the barbed wire to symbolise the heavy loss of life on the front line of the Somme, where advancing to the front are three Tommies, in remembrance of the Pals Battalions, boys and men who grew up together in the small towns and villages, worked and played together, volunteered together and eventually died together in the muddy bloody fields of war, their code "look after the man on your right and the man on the Left will look out for you.

The final design from the RAF Command, Graham and his team at RAF Marham did a cracking job painting them up.

Below left : 45 sqn  Sopwith Camel, bottom Left ; Alternative aircraft configuration, Below right : Finished aircraft photo Gordon Elias Crown Copyright

print and mug set The illustrated camel for the livery has now been adopted by the Squadron in the centre of its RAF Official Crest