John Stephen Fox (Avroart, Design Phoenix, Battle Prints, Air Profile, jsfoxillustration).

Please support the creative rights and acts and do not reproduce or copy in any way any image that is not created by you.

All work is copyrighted to and cannot be used for any purpose without written permission from John Stephen Arrandale/FOX

Terms and Conditions for the use of any *Image (created, originated, designed in both a traditional hand rendered or electronic/ digital format) by any recognised  *legal means (built, created ,hand rendered, photographed/ using owned equipment, developed skills, techniques, software under any agreed user license). By *John Stephen Fox or any third party published agreed with *John Stephen Fox  in writing the *Image shall be given a default value of £500.00 per *Image, unless a written agreement which may include letter, e-mail or an invoiced paid amount exists between a publisher or commissioning party then the value shall be set at the commissioning cost or the default value which ever is the higher.


Any reproduction, reprint, reuse *distribution (Hard copy print calculated on quantity of print circulation or print run- Electronic quantity calculated on downloads or site hits). By an agreed in writing publisher or commissioner shall be set at 30% of the commissioning value or default value per *Image which ever is the higher. Any other reproduction by any other party without a prior written agreement shall be set at the commissioning cost or the default value which ever is higher.

Collaborative or joint working, where *John Stephen Fox enters into any contractual or written agreement with any third parties, the original terms of this agreement are retained for any *Image that is provided by *John Stephen Fox. Any contributing *Image provided by any agreed commissioning, submitting or involved third party will be done so under the understanding that the validity of the supplied *Image is owned in full using *legal means or with a prior written agreement with any current or previous owner, this includes the submission of supplied reference.

by Collaborative or joint workers*John Stephen Fox reserves the right to check the validity of any submitted *Image and will if the *Image is found to be in our opinion unlawful, be within its rights under this agreement to where possible contact the originator, with or without notifying the Collaborative or joint workers. In order to protect the integrity and reputation of creative practitioners both amateur and professional. In line with current or future Copyright and Intellectual property laws in the UK Ireland and USA. If there is found to be an infringement by Collaborative or joint workers then a penalty will be liable at the commissioning cost or the default value which ever is higher. The details of the infringing party shall be forwarded to the owner. If you use any content as part of work produced or created for or delivered to John S Fox you will disclose the identities and permissions used in you derivative work upon resonable request.

A party is deemed to have accepted and entered into these terms and conditions if the *Image is or has been downloaded or independently published by any means or is found/ reported or is being used in any way by any party for any purpose.

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Creation date : 6th Feb 2014, updated as upload amended on any associated site.